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DIS Metallurgical Service

Welcome to our Services Site

We offer innovation in metallurgical technological solutions in manufacturing

Metallurgical engineering with focused expertise in the following:

DIS Metallurgical  Service has a proven record of problem solving skills resulting in cost reduction with a broad range of hands-on in factory experience

  • Research expertise includes the application of advanced manufacturing processes and materials

  • Open die and closed die forging, casting, heat treating of steel,

  • Formability of nickel based alloys, and corrosion resistance of alloys in salt water.

  • Metallurgical Engineering, Forging, Casting, Tooling, Failure analysis

  • Metallography, Fractography, Destructive and nondestructive testing

  • Ingot metallurgy , Continuous cast billet metallurgy, heat treatment

  • We have solved issues regarding abnormal grain growth in 304L stainless steel forgings by specifying the proper chemistry

  • We have identified root cause for elongation failure in 422 stainless steel rings and eliminated problems by identifying the proper size and disposition practice of ESR ingots

  • We have evaluated various types of stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and high corrosion resistant alloys for Naval application

  • Alloy 625 Formability designing tooling, developing bend test procedures, analyzed data and made recommendations for cold forming of Alloy 625 plate

We have worked with approximately 200 steel/alloy grades such as:

  • carbon, low alloy steel, martensitic, ferritic, austenitic stainless steel

  •  high temperature alloys such as alloy 625

  • and aluminum alloys such as 2219, 6061 and 7075


We have provided metallurgical solutions to various customers from commercial and governmental sectors ranging from Army, Navy, aerospace and nuclear industries.


DIS Metallurgical Service

Dusan Milicevic

Phone:630 324 6678

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